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Allahyarham Datuk Syed Alman Zain

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Established in 2003, iGEN started of as an Enterprise Hardware solution provider focused on the areas of hardware related to Data Centres, PABX, Video Conferencing, Audio Visual and Enterprise Application Hardware. In 2007, we expanded into the software market with the adoption of software solutions related to Database Management, Inventory and Stock Control, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Facilities Management, Asset Management and Project Management.

By 2011, we had established our own Research & Development division and begin working on developing turnkey solutions for the market particularly in the area of Big Data Analytics, Data Migration and Integration Services as well as Enterprise Application and Mobile development.

Our long history within the Information Technology Ecosystem has made us an organisation that is uniquely centered on providing solutions that fit the whole spectrum of needs for an organisation regardless of it's size or industry through the scalability of our solutions.

We are in the business of empowering businesses through technology adoption. We love organisations that are looking for change, because true innovation can only be realised through change, and change is the cornerstone of an organisation that wishes to evolve and grow it's business further.

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